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Diamond Wordpress Theme

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Diamond includes some built-in options not only to alter the default look of the text logo, but also to upload your own custom image logo and retina image logo if needed.

To alter your logo go to Appearance > Customize > Header > Logo

Customizing The Text Logo

If you don’t want to use a custom image logo you can also tweak the default text logo by changing the color, size, etc.

Adding An Icon To Your Logo

You can easily add an icon to your text logo which may look really cool depending on your website. Within the “Styling” tab for the header section you will also find the options to alter the right margin for the icon and the color.

Altering The Logo Colors

Located in the same “Header” panel under the Logo tag you can choose different colors for your text logo.

Altering The Logo Typography

To alter your logo font family, size, letter spacing…etc. You will do so at Appearance > Customize > Typography > Logo. See below:

Adding A Custom Image Logo

Simply use the “Image Logo” field to upload or drag and drop your custom image logo. This logo can be in any format (png or jpg is best) and any size.

Diamond includes many built-in options to easily tweak your design, plus all changes you make to colors and fonts are cached in a single theme mod for use by the theme thus speeding up the site (unlike other themes that loop through all options on init). To customize any area of your theme simply go to your theme customizer and click on the area you wish to customize then scroll down to the “Styling” tab to make your edits.


Below is just some basic examples showing you how easily you can tweak the design for the header with a few clicks and make it a black header instead of white:

The Diamond theme includes a built-in function so you can easily select your favicons and iPhone (mobile) icons. Simply go to “Theme Panel -> Favicons” and click on “upload” next to any setting to upload your custom image.

Diamond includes a built-in option that will allow you to quickly change the “accent” color (default is blue) through the theme. Simply go to Appearance > Customize > General Options > Accent Colors to change it via the color picker:

Optimized & Modular

Unlike other themes that just dump a lot of elements into the output of the accent color setting, Diamond takes it many steps further…With built-in filters elements are only included to the accent elements array when needed. For example if you don’t have the WooCommerce plugin active there is no point in targeting WooCommerce elements so those are added via a filter only when the plugin is active. This also means that you can create a child theme and include your custom elements that should be altered via the Accent color setting. This also means that 3rd party plugins can take advantage and hook into the Diamond theme so whenever you use their plugin it will automatically use the theme defined accent color.

Site-Wide Button Color & Border Radius

To change your button color site-wide simply log into WordPress and go to Appearance > Customize > General Theme Settings > Links & Buttons to make your adjustments. You can not only alter the colors but also the padding.

Site-Wide Button Typography Options

If you want to change the font family, weight, style, transform, line-height and letter spacing of all the buttons on the site you can do this in the Customizer under the Typography > Buttons section.

Visual Composer Module Button Color

Various modules also have the ability to alter the color on a per module basis. For example if you are using any of the Diamond“grid” modules such as the Portfolio Grid you will see a tab for all the button settings where you can alter the color different from the default site-wide color.

The Diamond theme includes built-in settings to completely change the way your forms look on the site. Simply log into WordPress and go to Appearance > Customize > General Theme Options > Forms to alter the default form field design (this will apply to all forms and inputs).

In the Diamond theme there are borders used for headings, sidebars, between blog posts, comments…etc. You can use CSS to alter the border colors but you can also use a Customizer setting to alter the borders across the whole site! Simply go to Appearance > Customize > General Theme Options > Accent Colors to change it.

The Diamond theme includes options built-in for customizing the design of the numbered pagination. Simply go to Appearance > Customize > General Theme Options > Pagination and alter your settings accordingly.

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