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Diamond Wordpress Theme

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After the payment is complete, there will be a download link which you can follow to download the theme’s ZIP file. An email will also be sent containing this download link. After the theme has been downloaded, log in to your WordPress Admin and go to Appearance > Themes. Upload the entire ZIP file and then publish it as your ‘Main’ theme when the theme is ready to be published (note that it will also be used on mobile devices).  For more information on changing the theme style, you can refer to this support Diamond.

Once you have installed and activated Diamond you will be prompted to install recommended plugins. Just click the link to begin installing plugins.
Next, check boxes to select all the plugins you want to install, select the bulk action of install from the dropdown box and then click the button to apply.
Select the plugins you installed, and apply the bulk action to activate.

After installing and activating the recommended plugins for this theme, go to your Navigate to SettingsPermalink settings. This is where you can change your permalink structure. After selecting the format you would like to use, click the save button.

Simply go to Theme Panel > Demo Importer to choose and import the demo of your choice:

When you first install the Diamond theme you may want to hide the front-end from visitors while you set things up for the final launch. Diamond includes a built-in “Under Construction” add-on which you can use to redirect any “non-logged-in” users to your page of choice. This will allow you to create a cool “coming soon” or “under construction” page using the Visual Composer page builder without having to install 3rd party plugins that may or may not work and don’t allow you to take advantage of all the awesome building blocks. And if you want to share the site with a client, simply create an account for them and they can log in and view the site!

To enable simply go to Theme Panel -> General and make sure the “addon” is enabled. Then go to Theme Panel -> Under Construction and select your page to redirect users to.

By default the Diamond theme does not crop any of your featured images. Some themes include built-in sizes, the problem is this can cause your site to start cropping and saving tons of variations of your images on your server and taking up server space. Diamond will not crop any images until you define your custom sizes via the Theme Panel.

Click on the different tabs to access the image size options for the different parts of the site.

Image Sizes When Using VIsual Composer Modules

When you are using the Visual Composer modules many have their own cropping settings. For example if you insert the Diamond “Portfolio Grid” module you will see it’s own settings for defining the image sizes under the Media tab. If you select “Custom” you can enter your custom width, height and crop location for the specific module or you can select a custom image size as defined in the Image Sizes admin panel (as mentioned at the top of this post).

By default the homepage will look like a blog (this is how WordPress is intended to work). If you want a custom homepage you can create it using the page builder then go to Settings > Reading and you can define your homepage here. Make sure you have created and published your homepage page prior. If you don’t have any pages or all your pages are currently drafts then you won’t be able to see the settings in the screenshot below.

You will receive an update notification in the WordPress Dashboard > Updates section of your installation and requires user acknowledgement to complete the update.

What is a Child Theme? What is a Child Theme?

As indicated in the overview, a child theme inherits the look and feel of the parent theme and all of its functions, but can be used to make modifications to any part of the theme. In this way, customizations are kept separate from the parent theme’s files. Using a child theme lets you upgrade the parent theme without affecting the customizations you’ve made to your site.

Child themes:

  • make your modifications portable and replicable;
  • keep customization separate from parent theme functions;
  • allow parent themes to be updated without destroying your modifications;
  • allow you to take advantage of the effort and testing put into parent theme;
  • save on development time since you are not recreating the wheel; and
  • are a great way to start learning about theme development.

Just install and do not activate child theme.

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