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Diamond Wordpress Theme

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This theme is just amazing. The header builder is a very useful solution to create a lot of styles (which is generally a huge lack in themes). There are regular updates taking into account users' requests. Last but not least, the support is the faster I’ve ever seen, listening to every request with care and quick solutions.
If you’re looking for a multipurpose theme using visual composer, trust me, you can use it with your eyes closed !

I'm not one to really put a theme over the top except for this theme! The customization on this theme is "by far" the best I have worked with in a very long time. So many great aspects and demos to work with.

The author deserves credit for a simple yet amazing theme. Words alone cannot speak volumes on how great this is to work with & customize.

1. - Fast loading.
2. - So many demo imports.
3. - Customize everything ( I mean everything).
4. - The goodies inside.
5 - .css & heavy files are very well written & balanced.

Amazing, Please take the time and view the demos and you decide! A+++ Thank you!

Very comprehensive Wordpress theme with multiple styles and lots of features. Prompt response for questions as well.

Over the course of the years, I have used over 20 themes. All to some degree fell short of what I wanted. Then I recently discovered Diamond and wonder where its been all my life. There is no limit to what you can customize so much so that I have not yet had to enter any special CSS to achieve some goal that could not be accomplished within the inherent tools, natively. All I can say is wow. I think Diamond takes Wordpress to a whole new level.

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